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KeyTweak is a program you can use to change the functions of your keyboard
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Jacinta Thank you so much for this download! I had just purchased a Lenovo V110 Laptop and was struggling with the positioning of the "Right Shift Key". For some reason, they have placed a "Page Up" button in its place, and moved the shift key one button over, which is too far to reach if you're used to "touch typing". This fix is awesome! Highly Recommend!!!

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JMA So simple, so helpful.Thank you!

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Mic The ability to move individual keys around the keyboard and emulate keys that don't exist (I have no Windows key) is very convenient. It's simple to use, and because it only writes the equivalent of manual edits to the Registry makes it very safe. Macro capability would earn the fifth star.

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LPD Works great! I changed my Shift and UpArrow in my Lenovo Ideapad, as before it was just mapped so inconveniently.. now it 's super!

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C Jones I was so skeptical and scared to d/l from download sites, but ended up in the good with this one. It only installed what it said. I'm very pleased, thanks.

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Иван Страмбовский Great soft! Thanx! It was very helpful for me. Remap on my Lenovo T410 keys "next page" "previous page" to "end" "home".

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