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KeyTweak is a program you can use to change the functions of your keyboard
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KeyTweak is a smart tool that was created to offer users an easy way of modifying different functions of a keyboard. It proves to be a useful solution especially for laptop owners that have trouble with damaged keys on their keyboards. KeyTweak will edit a certain registry entry in order to change different values assigned to different keys from the keyboard. This is a safer manner of editing registry keys than manually hacking Windows registry.

All the necessary tools are available on the interface of KeyTweak. It displays a keyboard layout that you can use to select a specific key in order to change its function. For example, if the “Space” key is damaged and can no longer be used, you can assign its code to the Left Alt key. In a similar way, gamers can assign various functions to specific keys.

KeyTweak comes with its own limitations. For example, it cannot handle key combinations. It was designed to work with the “scan codes” of individual keys and it won’t recognize a certain code generated by the keyboard processor for a specific keyboard shortcut. Also, the program is not able to affect the functionality of the Fn key (a modifier key on many keyboards, most recently on laptops).

I strongly recommend this program to anyone who is dealing with various keyboard issues.

Margie Smeer
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