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KeyTweak is a free program to remap the keyboard in Windows NT/2000/XP
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KeyTweak is a free program to remap the keyboard in Windows NT/2000/XP.
The program achieves that by using Microsoft's Scancode Map registry key, allowing you to change the internal assignment of the keys.

KeyTweak uses VB6 Runtime files. If you´re running are required, Windows 2000/XP, they´re installed already.

The program lets you assign any task to any of the keys in your keyboard. The keys can then be used to type a different letter than they had assigned, or to perform an action, like going to My Computer, or play a CD, or open Internet Explorer.

KeyTweak even considers the special keys that some keyboards have, that usually are used to play or pause the CD-ROM, moving the volume up or down, going to the next or previous page in Internet Explorer, open your e-mail client and more.

When applying changes to your keyboard map, the program will ask you to reboot the computer. This is necessary, because the changes must be written to the registry, and won´t be effective till next reboot.

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